Using to convert a .wmv file for Podcasting
If you're using Windows Movie Maker on a PC to create a podcast containing images or video, the resulting .wmv file must be converted into a podcast compatible format before it can be posted online. Although there are dedicated programs that can do this for you, one easy and free way to do this is to use the online file conversion services at The following instructions will show you how.
Go to
After you've finished creating your podcast in Windows Movie Maker and saved it as a .wmv movie file, open your web browser and go to

Select your file-1
Near the bottom of the window you'll see a Convert Files tab showing steps 1–4. Step 1 is to select the file you want to convert, so click on the Browse... button to locate your .wmv file.

Select your file-2
In the Choose File window that appears, navigate to your .wmv file, select it, then click the Open button. NOTE: The name of your chosen file will appear underneath the tabs and will NOT appear in the empty field next to the Browse... button.

Choose the new file format-1
In Step 2, you'll choose the format you want to convert your file into. Click on the pull-down menu to view the choices.

Choose the new file format-2
In the pull-down menu, select mp4 as the conversion format. IMPORTANT: Even though there is an ipod format listed, selecting it may change the aspect ratio of your video, causing the video to look "squashed" during playback on a computer or iPod.

Enter your email address
Go to Step 3 and enter the email address to which you'd like to receive notification when the conversion is complete.

Convert the file-1
Once you've entered in you're email address, go to Step 4 and click the Convert button.

Convert the file-2
A window will appear confirming the conversion format and your email address. Click Cancel to change anything or OK if everything is correct.

Convert the file-3
A progress bar will appear at the bottom of the window as your file is uploaded to the Zamzar site. NOTE: Upload times can vary greatly depending on the size of your file and your connection speed to the internet.

Convert the file-4
When the file has finished uploading, the page will refresh and a confirmation message will appear. Please note the warning that converted files will only be stored for 24 hours from the time you receive their message that the conversion is complete.

Wait for your confirmation email
After a few minutes, or hours (depending on the size of your file and/or how busy the Zamzar site is) you'll receive a confirmation email that your file has been converted. In the email you'll see a link that, when clicked, will take you back to the Zamzar web site so you can download your file.

Download your converted file-1
After clicking the email link, the Zamzar site opens showing the name of your converted file and a Download Now button. Click that button to retrieve your file.

Download your converted file-2
In Internet Explorer, you'll be prompted to open or save the file. Click the Save button.

Download your converted file-3
Browse to the location where you want to save the file and click the Save button to begin the download. When the download is complete, you now have a converted podcast ready for posting online.
NOTE: Please refer to separate instructions on how to upload the finished podcast to your FirstClass website.